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Rates and Pricing

For single-engine training the rates are as follows:

$50/hour for flight and ground instruction
$140/hour for Cessna 172 rental (price includes fuel)

For multi-engine training:

$60/hour for flight and ground instruction

Below is an approximation of what if would cost to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate in 60 hours total time.

Private Pilot Certificate Estimated Costs



60 Hours Avg. Flight Time in a Cessna 172N @ $140 an hour.


40 Hrs Flight Instruction @ $50/hour


20 Hrs Ground Instruction @ $50/hour


Standard Headset


Sporty’s Deluxe Private Pilot Kit


Non-owners insurance


FAA Charts, Airport Facilities Directory


FAA Medical Exam


FAA Written Exam


FAA Checkride Examiner’s Fee


Total approximate Cost


The total cost can vary anywhere between 10k and 15k and the time frame to obtain a private pilot’s license is dependent upon each individual’s availability and learning style.


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